Ed Bott


Windows 11 Inside Out is at the printer now. Amazon says it will be available next month. (Just barely.)

Pre-orders still welcome.


Currently finishing final page proofs of Windows 11 Inside Out📚

Did I mention you can preorder it on Amazon?


Almost done reading: Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco 📚

I had this on my bookshelf for ages and was certain I had read it. But I started it again a few months ago and now realize I must have given up early on my initial attempt, probably because the opening chapters are a real challenge. This time around, after the first 50 pages or so, I began to understand the world.

Also, its overarching theme (a global conspiracy that has lasted for many centuries and may or may not be real) is truly resonant in these times. The main characters even create their own version of the conspiracy and call it The Plan, in a reference that really does prefigure QAnon. (“Trust the plan…")

The Gorilla Arm Chronicles


In which I have some thoughts about the rumored move by Apple to put touchscreens on the MacBook Pro.

Touchscreens on a Mac? What would Steve Jobs say?

Busy busy busy


This little guy was outside my office today. Very intense.

A housekeeping note


I’ve finally gotten around to updating my personal domain to point to this site.



Just setting up my micro.blog